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Quality Construction

Quality Construction

Every Tilson Home is built to our exacting standards of quality. Click on the topics below to learn more about the craftsmanship that goes into our homes.

Site Specific Engineered Foundations

A sound foundation is one of the most important parts of your home so all Tilson foundations are site specific engineered. This means we assess your geography, soil, and terrain before building to ensure a solid foundation. As Tilson places your foundation, we use methods to eliminate air pockets and create a nice finished look on the surface. We also use a vapor barrier and post tension cables to create a superior foundation that combines the strength and durability of both concrete and steel.

Industry Leading Framing Standards

Our industry leading framing standards include high-quality materials like 7/16” OSB wrap all around the exterior walls and quality lumber that exceeds building codes. Energy efficiency actually starts with your home’s framing, so Tilson uses framing techniques that allow for more insulation in the corners, walls, and rafters of your home. Check out our Craftsmanship videos to learn more about the quality that goes into every Tilson home.

Energy Efficiency

At Tilson, we strive to make your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. We use various high-grade materials throughout the state to create a tight home that helps keep cool air in and hot air out or vice versa. In Climate Zone 2, Tilson exceeds code requirements using Radiant Barrier Decking, R-38 Attic Insulation, and R-15 Wall Insulation. In Climate Zone 3, we use open cell spray foam insulation throughout the home and offer this as an affordable option in Climate Zone 2. The American-Made Vinyl tilt-sash windows with which Tilson builds provide great savings on your energy bills while keeping your indoors pleasant.


Plumbing is an important part of your home and Tilson makes it a point to use the best products available so your plumbing performs better and lasts longer. We use PEX-A piping instead of copper or CPVC due to its flexibility and strength. Other kinds of pipes can freeze and burst causing damage and costly repairs. With PEX-A, your piping is stronger — bending and expanding instead of busting when freezing occurs with fewer joints where leaks are more likely to occur.


Tilson chooses to use a RhinoRoof liner membrane under shingles instead of standard roofing felt due to its durability. RhinoRoof lasts much longer than felt when uncovered or exposed. It’s also not made out of asphalt like felt so it’s more sustainable. We also use Owens Corning shingles that provide superior coverage for your home. Your roof protects more than your belongings, it protects your family – make sure it’s built right.


When Tilson builds your home, we use third party software to design your HVAC specifically for your home to prevent severe temperature variations. We also include a float switch standard in your HVAC system to help prevent water damage to your home from drain pan overflow. Tilson makes sure your A/C unit runs as efficiently as possible while fully conditioning every room in your house.

Exterior & Interior Finishes

Tilson offers a variety of choices to customize your home to fit your needs and lifestyle. Our interior and exterior finishes will be what you live with every day, so we only use the highest quality products. Exterior finishes include full size stone, carefully selected paint palettes, Acme brick, and HardieZone siding system. Some interior finishes include things like Grade A Delta fixtures, various flooring types, and fully-extendable cabinet drawers. With Tilson, you have a multitude of options available to personalize your home from the inside out.

Third Party Inspections

A 3rd Party will inspect your home throughout the building process including at foundation pour, framing and electrical rough-in, and at insulation installation. A final inspection is also performed upon completion prior to move-in.

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