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Customer Support

To continue our promise of superior customer service and give you peace of mind, each Tilson home is provided with a limited warranty. Each limited warranty breaks down into three levels and each level comes with a set of performance standards that each element of the home must meet before the warranty is activated.

The levels of of limited warranty provided for Tilson homes are as follows: a one year workmanship and material limited warranty, a two year limited warranty for plumbing, electrical and HVAC delivery systems, and a ten year major structural component limited warranty.

Additionally, manufacturers' warranties cover many items inside your home. Tilson has contracted with StrucSure Home Warranty to administer the limited warranty. However, Tilson’s dedicated warranty department is the contact for any work that needs to be done under our limited warranty.

Tilson is here to assist our customers in facilitating service on their new home. Information is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day at 1-888-214-8921.

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"We lived in a neighborhood where our house had maybe 10 feet between the houses on each side of it. That was not us. We want to be able to just stay outside, let the dogs run. We love to get on the Kubota and just ride the land. We shoot our guns out here in the creek. I mean, it's just-- this is us."