Tilson Custom Home Builders in Texas


Our roofing system begins with a 7/16 inch OSB decking topped with Owens Corning™ RhinoRoof Liner® instead of felt. The final covering is Owens Corning dimensional shingles with a limited lifetime warranty.


Your roof protects more than your belongings; it protects your family, so we make sure it's built right. We've invested in high-quality materials to increase the longevity of your roof and protect your home from everything Mother Nature throws at it.

Roof Decking and RhinoRoof® Underlayment

The roofing system used at Tilson Homes begins with a 7/16 inch OSB decking covered in an Owens Corning™ RhinoRoof Liner. Unlike felt, this liner can last on the roof without shingles for up to 60 days, and it has many other benefits, such as being twelve times stronger than felt while also having a 20-year warranty. Last of all, unlike asphalt-based materials, RhinoRoof liner is a much more sustainable product.

Architectural Shingles With a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our included shingles are the Owens Corning Oakridge line, which has a limited lifetime warranty. These architectural shingles have an attractive three-dimensional look and hold up against high winds with their 110 mph rating! They come in colors to match your other home exterior design choices as well, so you can get the exterior look you want.

Your roof is just one component of our comprehensive approach to building your new home from the ground up. Learn more about our roofing systems by browsing the additional resources below.

Additional Information About Roofing