Tilson Custom Home Builders in Texas

Third Party Inspections

We believe homebuyers deserve peace of mind that their home is built right. That's why we have a third party inspector review all major phases of construction - even where it's not required.

Third Party Inspections

Did you know that third-party inspections are not required in the state of Texas? While there are building codes established by the state and some counties or cities, enforcement of these codes is left to the city or county where you are building your home. In the majority of the rural areas where we build homes, there are no local government inspectors. Without a county or city building inspector, there's no guarantee anyone other than the builder is checking on your home's construction. At Tilson Homes, we believe you deserve to know your new home was built right! That's why all Tilson homes have third-party inspections completed at every major phase of construction.

An independent third party will inspect your home throughout the building process including foundation pour, framing and electrical rough-in, and insulation installation. A final inspection is also performed upon completion prior to move-in. Any items identified in these inspections are corrected and re-inspected as needed to make sure everything is done right.

Foundation Inspections

Every Tilson home foundation is custom designed by an engineer for the exact land your home is being built on. The same engineering company who designed your foundation is also on hand at the foundation pour to make sure their instructions were followed to the letter. They also return again while the cables are tensioned to ensure your foundation will last for years.

Framing, Plumbing, and Electrical Inspections

Once the framing is complete, a third-party inspection company checks for any building code violations. While they are checking that everything was built to specification, their team also double-checks wiring and plumbing before it's covered up with drywall.

Insulation Inspection

Your home's first energy efficiency inspection also occurs prior to the installation of drywall. The energy inspector checks to make sure your insulation was properly installed and all gaps in the home have been completely sealed.

Energy Inspections Prior to Close

Once your home is completed, an inspector will perform two tests to ensure it meets the International Energy Conservation Code and the various city, county, or state codes for your area. A blower door test is performed to test the tightness of your home by measuring the number of air changes per hour. The inspector will also perform a duct blaster test to check for leakage in your HVAC system.

Final Inspections

Prior to closing and moving into your new home, another third-party inspector will review every component to make sure it's in compliance with all applicable codes. At this time all of the electrical and plumbing fixtures are reviewed, and appliances are checked for performance.

We understand your new home is the biggest investment most people will make, and we want you to know your Tilson home was built with care. That’s why all of our homes come with third-party inspections at every major phase of construction. This way, any issues are caught before they become a problem down the line and can be corrected quickly and without hassle. We encourage all prospective homeowners to learn more about the inspections performed on their Tilson Home by browsing the resources below.

Additional Information About Third Party Inspections