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Nov 1, 2023

The Moore Family's Experience Building With Tilson

Customer Stories

If you're looking for a custom home builder that offers exceptional service and quality, look no further than Tilson. Just take it from Keith and Taara, who recently built their dream home with Tilson in Waller County, Texas.

Their home was built using Tilson's EasyBuy program, which allowed them to avoid the hassle of a construction loan and only pay the initial deposit. Plus, with their previous home sold, Keith and Taara didn't have to worry about making interest payments before moving in.

Throughout the build process, Keith and Taara were excited to visit their new home every weekend, watching as it came to life from the ground up. Keith even drew out every detail of the home's design himself, and working with their design consultant, Tanya, they were able to design a plan that was exactly the way they wanted it, right down to the door swings and the positioning of windows to maximize the natural light.

It wasn't just the design and build process that impressed Keith and Taara - it was the sound quality of their new home. In a wooded area, it's easy to be disturbed by nature sounds, but not in their Tilson home. Once the doors are closed, the outside fades away, thanks to Tilson's tight and sound structure. 

If you're like Keith and Taara and have your own land to build on, Tilson makes it easy to adjust their plans to fit your specifications. This level of customization sets Tilson apart from other builders, who don't allow for as much input.

Overall, Keith and Taara highly recommend Tilson for anyone looking to build their own custom home. With exceptional service, quality, and customization options, Tilson is the perfect fit for creating your dream home. 
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