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Aug 24, 2020

Meet Our Customers: Sarah and Mark H.

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When looking for someone to build their new home in Wharton County, Sarah and Mark turned to their friends for recommendations. Their 500 acres in Louise, Texas, was too important to trust to just any builder.

“I heard about Tilson from some friends and also some clients that had built Tilson Homes… I did visit with a few of them to see how their Tilson experience was and if it was easy or hard or what the outcome was, if they had any bad experience or good experience. And overall, everybody had great experiences, and they had a lot of good things to say about Tilson, and they considered it one of the easy builds.” - Sarah H.

Sarah and Mark enjoy the country life. They love that their home is away from all the close neighbors and out here where it's relaxing. Family and friends can come over without worrying about being too loud or too crazy out in the country.

Sarah and Mark say their overall experience with Tilson Homes was great. Their design consultant, Jerry, was very helpful in deciding which floor plan was right for them and made the design process relaxing. It was easy to customize the plan to increase the size of the garage, change the master bathroom layout, as well as create the perfect kitchen. Sarah is a wonderful baker so a double oven was essential.

They also liked how our EasyBuy financing program allowed them to spend more money on their home instead of paying construction loan interest.

"Tilson's financing agreement is very easy to deal with, and it's great that you don't have a construction loan,  because that's not extra interest you're paying.  You're actually getting to use that money on your house, to put into your house. And so that part there is really-- it saves you a lot of money in doing that." - Sarah H.

Thank you to Sarah and Mark for trusting us with your family home. Hear their story in their own words in the video below.

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