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Mar 8, 2024

Building Dreams and Foundations: The Flickner Family's Journey with Tilson Homes

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There's something deeply personal and profoundly meaningful about building a home from the ground up. It's not just about laying bricks and pouring concrete; it's about creating a space that reflects one's values, dreams, and the very essence of family life. For Brad and Julie Flickner, their home-building experience with Tilson Homes went beyond their expectations, leaving them with a house that was not only a physical structure but a reflection of their faith, quality, and dedication.

The Flickner family's journey began with an empty lot, a space filled with potential and dreams. Watching Tilson Homes transform this space into their home was a thrilling experience for them. Julie fondly remembers the day the foundation was laid for their custom Live Oak home, a moment they marked with a significant act of faith - burying a Bible at the threshold. This symbolic act was more than a gesture; it was a commitment to building their lives on a firm foundation of faith. It signified their hope that anyone who came across their home, even years down the line, would recognize it as a place grounded in strong beliefs. Witnessing the concrete pour over their buried Bible, the Flickners knew their home would always represent something eternal.

Brad and Julie were constantly amazed by the attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship displayed by the Tilson Homes team. Every board was checked for levelness, and every corner was measured with precision. Even a slight misalignment in the master bathroom was immediately corrected before proceeding. This meticulous approach reassured Julie that her home wasn’t just being built - it was being crafted with care. One aspect that stood out to her was the spray foam insulation. Knowing her home would be well-insulated gave her peace of mind about its quality and durability. From the trimming of the corners to the piecing together of each part, Tilson Homes made sure that everything was done right, ensuring a high-quality finish that was evident in every inch of her new home.

What made the building process even more appealing for the Flickners was Tilson Homes' EasyBuy Program. This program eliminated the need for multiple loans, making the financial aspect of building their home straightforward and less daunting. It allowed them the flexibility to focus their spending on what truly mattered to them, including customizing their home to their taste and furnishing it to their comfort. The opportunity to upgrade appliances and personalize their living space without the hassle of construction loans was a game changer. The Flickners appreciated that they could create their dream home without compromising on the details that made it uniquely theirs.

Julie's satisfaction with Tilson Homes extends beyond her own experience. She has confidently recommended Tilson to friends and family, praising not just the quality of their builds but the ease of the entire process. Her interactions with members of the Tilson team at the Weatherford Design Center, Logan and Jodi, felt more like gaining new family members rather than conducting business.

The Flickner family's story is a testament to Tilson Homes' commitment to building quality homes that reflect the homeowner's values and dreams. For Brad and Julie, their new home is not just a structure; it's a sanctuary built on faith, crafted with care, and personalized to perfection. Go here to hear more stories from our customers about their building experience.
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