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Jan 26, 2024

Holiday Memories to Cherish: The Hoover Family's Dream Home in Tarrant County

Customer Stories

When the Hoover family decided to build a new home in Tarrant County, they wanted a space that would be the perfect setting for unforgettable holidays and cherished family moments. The beauty and spaciousness of the Breckenridge plan from Tilson proved to be the perfect floor plan to design their dream around. 

Jennifer and Clint, who own an engineering company specializing in septic system installations, had the opportunity to witness Tilson's superior craftsmanship and quality during a project. Designing a septic system for Tilson allowed them to see the impeccable construction firsthand. Even in the early stages of development, the quality of the Tilson homes stood out and left a lasting impression on them.

In addition to the remarkable construction, Jennifer and Clint were drawn to Tilson's innovative EasyBuy Financing program. Unlike traditional construction loans, this program offered a secure and worry-free financing solution. Jennifer recalls their relief upon discovering EasyBuy, as it eliminated the risks and uncertainties associated with other builders' loan options.

After an incredible build experience, Jennifer and Clint have become enthusiastic advocates for Tilson. They wholeheartedly recommend the company to anyone looking to build their dream home. If you have property and want to build your dream home, Jennifer's recommendation is clear—Tilson offers quality, personalized service, and satisfaction.

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