Tilson Homes Framing Practices and Materials

Framing Practices and Materials

Number 2 Lumber

TIlson Homes has chosen to use number 2 lumber for the framing in all of our homes. While code allows for number 3, we've chosen number 2 for added structural stability and its ability to span longer distances. 

Framing Measures

There are three types of framing measures that are typical in dimensional framing - 16 inch on center, 19.2 inch on center, and 24 inches on center. All of the studs in interior and exterior walls are 16 inch on center. For joists, rafters, and ceiling framing, we have chosen to use 19.2 inch on centers. While the code would allow for a 24 inch on center, we feel it is too wide for the decking and sheetrock. Using 19.2 inch on centers better maintains the structural integrity and allows us to get a little bit more insulation between the boards.

Preventing Wall Bows

Every now and then we will get fast-growth lumber on our homes that may cause a bow in your wall. This is corrected before we install the sheetrock. Your building superintendent will spend hours going through your home with a level, checking for any boards that are bowing out. Any bows found are marked for the framer. The framer comes back to do a plunge cut and apply a scab to straighten the wall.  This pushes that stud back in place to create an even surface for the sheetrock.

Engineered Wood Products

We use engineered wood products throughout our homes to carry a very large load over a wide span. I-joists are used in garages and second stories to eliminate any kind of warping, bowing, or crowns. They also help eliminate squeaks in the second floor.


The walls of your home are built on the ground and then tilted up into place. We use bracing to help the framers make the wall plumb, or perfectly straight up and down. All of the bracing will come out once the joists, rafters, and decking are in place. The bracing will then be used to brace the attic.

OSB Sheathing

Tilson wraps all of our homes in OSB sheathing to help with the structural rigidity.  We use 7/16 inch thick, full OSB around your entire home. This is a windstorm building code requirement in the Gulf Coast area for counties that border the Gulf of Mexico. However, we do this statewide at Tilson Homes to ensure the homes we build have a solid structural rigidity to them. OSB sheathing also allows for a smoother application of all the different exterior facades.

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