Tilson Homes A Solid Foundation

A Solid Foundation

By far, without question, the most important facet of your home is the foundation, and we take that part very seriously.

Geotechnical Investigation

Before we even think about what kind of foundation is going to be designed for your home, an engineer will come out to do a geotechnical investigation. They provide us with a report prepared by an engineer, and then the foundation engineer designs a foundation specific to the soil on your land. This ensures you have the highest quality possible foundation custom designed for your specific piece of property.

Vapor Barrier

Before we pour the concrete, we install a vapor barrier between the ground and the slab. A black, polyethylene plastic is used to prevent moisture from transferring back and forth from the ground and the slab.

Foundation Structure

Trucks from the ready mix company pour concrete into the pump truck. The concrete goes up through a boom and then comes down into the slab. This ensures the concrete is placed well down into the beams. The foundation engineer designs how deep and how wide the beams need to be for your home as well as exactly how far apart they need to be placed. 

The foundation engineer also designs exactly how many tension cables are needed as well as the distance between the cables. Our homes are designed with a post tension foundation. It takes a full 28 days for all kinds of concrete to cure. During that time, about 10 to 14 days in, the post tension company will come back to tighten the cables.  Each cable is coated in axle grease. The cables going both directions are tightened to somewhere between 29,000 to 31,000 PSI. This takes advantage of the compression strength of concrete, coupled with the tensile strength of the steel, to ensure a high quality foundation.

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