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Oct 8, 2019

Four Reasons Why A Vapor Barrier Is Important

Construction Practices

At Tilson Homes, we want homeowners to be informed about every step of the building process. This starts with a solid foundation. Many people already know that the foundation of their home is arguably the most important part. However, did you know that you also need a vapor barrier to create a longer-lasting foundation?

1. Prevent Mold Growth

Underneath a home’s concrete slab is usually a bunch of dirt – unless, of course, it’s all rock. The ground or rock below the house supports the slab. Since the slab is dependent on the supporting material below it, there are often issues with varying levels of moisture. In the summer, the soil under the slab can become incredibly dry, but in the rainy months, it can become overly saturated.

Tilson installs a thick plastic barrier under your slab that’s meant to block the moisture in the ground from wicking up into your home through the concrete itself. Since concrete is permeable or porous, water is always a concern. Without a vapor barrier, moisture can lead to a damp floor, indoor humidity, and mold. By blocking off the moisture under your home, you can prevent mold growth and avoid having odd odors invade your space.

2. Protect Floor Coverings from Damage

There are also other more serious issues that can arise by not installing a vapor barrier with your foundation. Without a vapor barrier, moisture can cause the floor coverings like vinyl, wood, carpeting, and epoxies to loosen, blister, or buckle. Damages to your flooring cannot only be costly but a headache to repair.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Ignoring below-slab protection can also impact health with poor air quality from broken-down adhesives that could leach into your home and create serious health issues. Make sure that you protect your family from fumes that can lead to poor air quality by building with a company who puts your family’s well-being first.

4. Prevent Pests from Entering Your Home

It’s also a given that no one wants pests in their homes. An additional benefit of installing a vapor barrier is that it can also assist in keeping termites and other ground-based bugs out of your home. That means your foundation is not only more durable but multi-functional as well.

Tilson cares about the health and well-being of our homeowners today, as well as their future generations, so we use a vapor barrier as part of your concrete slab to help mitigate some of these issues. For more information about the process, Tilson uses to pour our foundations, check out our new Craftsmanship video below. Our Senior Vice President talks about the steps while taking you behind-the-scenes on an early morning pour.

To learn more about Tilson's foundation practices, visit our page dedicated to all things foundation related. 

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