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Jan 13, 2020

What are the Best Exterior Materials to Use in Texas?

Construction Practices

At Tilson Homes, we go to great lengths to make sure all home exterior materials are visible evidence of our commitment to quality craftsmanship.  We offer several different types of finishes on the homes that we build; all are carefully vetted to meet our standards, and those of our customers. While none of these materials physically hold up the home like days gone by, they do still serve important roles in protecting your home from the harsh elements Texas can throw at it.  Our most popular exterior finishes vary by region, climate, and preference but tend to center around these core materials:

Natural Occurring Stone – Each stone is intentionally cut to rough dimensions, providing the desired unpredictability in size and surface. This variability adds character to the finished look of your home. Stone is quarried to full depth and size, then delivered directly to the job site where our masonry pros work their artistry. It’s a thing of beauty to behold. 

Acme Brick– We use this product everywhere we build across the state. It has a warranty of 101 years, lasting well beyond the time horizon of anything you’ll ever need to worry about. Our in-house design team can help you choose the best color, face, and texture for your home. When paired together, stone and brick can provide a complementary offset of colors and shapes.

As a side note, we always integrate a drainage system of weep holes into the base of every stone and brick exterior wall that we build. These materials are porous by nature, letting wind-driven rains seep through them. That may sound like a problem, but it isn’t. The inside wall is covered in a Tyvek® DrainWrap™. When any water accumulates behind an exterior brick or stone wall, it trickles down the internal waterproofed surface and escapes out the weep holes. It’s just one more way that we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are getting a quality home. 

Stucco – Applied as an exterior coating, this portland cement-based finish is highly versatile. Customers appreciate the high degree of customization for color, texture, and pattern that stucco provides. This adds flexibility in meeting their desired architectural styling. As an added bonus, because of its cementitious roots, stucco is considered a long-lasting masonry finish. It’s a great option for the right house.

Siding – When working with siding, only the best will do. That’s why we use James Hardie® fiber cement siding. It is second to none in its design and durability. Whether you choose a lap siding or vertical siding finish, the unparalleled quality of this exterior can’t be beat. Because we utilize their complete siding system, James Hardie Building Products provides a 30-year warranty on the home’s exterior finish. 

Paint– Choosing an appropriate exterior paint is as important as choosing the color itself. Our paint experts will help you to choose the best paint products to protect any exposed surfaces from the harsh Texas sun and weather.

Roofing– To our way of thinking, Owens Corning® Oakridge® Shingles is the ideal roofing material for Texas homes. It’s rated for 110 mile an hour winds, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. As an architectural dimensional shingle, the finished look of the roof has an eye-catching texture and depth to it. And the product is offered in several different colors, making it easier for you to complement your chosen colors. 

Quality Where It Counts

As a matter of priority, Tilson Homes maintains a company-wide quality control program to ensure consistent application of every exterior material that we use on a new build. Want more information about how Tilson chooses and uses materials? Learn all about it from our senior vice president in the latest Craftsmanship video.

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