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Apr 9, 2024

Tilson Live! Ask the Builder - April 9, 2024

Construction Practices, Live Seminars

On our latest episode of Tilson Live, our hosts Eric Alarid and Dawn Dantzler were joined by our SVP of Construction Justin Ordeneaux. Throughout their conversation, they dove into the world of construction. From explaining what a Manual J is to AC inspections, land prep, framing types, and access roads - they covered it all! 

Seminar Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:51 Welcomes and Introductions
  • 03:40 Re-Introduction of Justin Ordeneaux
  • 09:26 How do you control moisture in an insulated garage?
  • 16:27 Framing Information
  • 20:31 Tilson Framing Standards
  • 26:36 Viewer Questions + Comments
  • 27:14 What are the different types of siding?
  • 30:36 Information on expanding garages + the cost
  • 34:06 What SEER is the rating of the A/C used?
  • 37:21 What is a Manual J?
  • 39:44 Does Tilson have the HVAC system inspected?
  • 42:39 Tilson Frame Standards: OSB Wrap 
  • 44:41 Cornice, Decking, & Dry-In
  • 47:33 Does Tilson build in inner city Houston?
  • 51:45 How much should I put aside for access roads?
  • 53:06 How does the brick/stone connect to the Hardy?
  • 55:32 What land prep should I wait on?
  • 57:25 What are your thoughts on different types of lumber?
  • 01:07:40 Are sidewalks included or are those an upgrade?
  • 01:10:00 Wrap-ups and Goodbyes

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