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Feb 1, 2021

What to Expect From Your Kent Moore Cabinets

Construction Practices, Vendor Spotlight

Tilson's commitment to craftsmanship extends to the vendors and providers we've chosen to partner with for every home we build. We make sure that every company that has a hand in building your home meets the same expectations we've set for ourselves. Our relationship with Kent Moore Cabinets is one built on a mutual understanding of what it means to be a family-owned company based here in Texas. While it's easy  to point out the wonderful array of products Kent Moore offers, or the ease of choosing those products alongside your Tilson design consultant, their dedication to precision and creating an unrivaled product sets them apart from the competition. 

What to Expect During Installation

During the installation process, there's a lot going on inside your new home. Early in the day, the Kent Moore Cabinets team is busy staging all of your various cabinet components in the rooms where the cabinets are to be installed. They'll make markings on walls to ensure the cabinets are placed in their correct spaces. Next, they'll come back and fasten the cabinets to the walls. During this process, they make sure everything is level and snug together. After that, you may see people cutting crown molding, puttying holes, or simply tidying up the jobsite after the job is done. It's an exciting day to visit your new home during construction and we invite you to check it out when that time comes for you. 

KCMA Certified

As one of only 7 cabinet companies in Texas to receive a certification from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, Kent Moore products are designed and tested for both durability and longevity. The tests performed on the various pieces of cabinetry Kent Moore offers include dropping a 3 pound steel ball on shelves, slamming a 10 pound sand bag into the doors, and opening and closing the doors 25,000 times. All of these tests are intended to ensure the products Kent Moore offers to their customers are guaranteed to both perform and last as you expect them to. 

Factory Controlled Finishes

Another thing that sets Kent Moore Cabinets apart from their competitors is their construction and finishing techniques. Before they even start working on your custom cabinets, a Kent Moore representative will actually go out to your site, meet with your builder, and field measure your home. This will ensure your cabinets are custom built for your specific home. Once the field measure is done, your cabinets are milled at a facility in Bryan, TX, then sent to a controlled environment where they are painted or stained to match your selections. This controlled environment allows Kent Moore to eliminate the otherwise pesky problems of the varying humidity, heat, and cleanliness of a typical job site. In doing so, your cabinets are dried and cured appropriately without any dust or dirt settling beneath the paint or stain. 

Customer Commitment

Kent Moore's dedication to excellence extends past the point of installation. With a 2-year warranty, your cabinets are covered well after you've moved in to your new home. If you have any problems, they'll send a Kent Moore employee to you to assess the situation and remedy any issue you have. This level of customer care matches Tilson's commitment to our customers and is one of many reasons Kent Moore and Tilson Homes have partnered up to build your future home.

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