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Apr 26, 2022

Tilson Live: How to Read a Floor Plan - April 26, 2022

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It can be a little overwhelming to look at a floor plan with all the symbols, numbers, and seemingly secret codes. On this Tilson Live, you'll learn how to read a floor plan. Eric and Dawn show the different floor plan sets Tilson uses and what to look for on each one. They explain the measurements and symbols used and discuss which details to focus on during your plan review. Plus, they answer all your other build on your land questions.

What We Cover:

  • The Different Types of Floor Plans Tilson Uses
  • The Meanings of the Different Abbreviations and Symbols Used
  • Electrical Symbols
  • Exterior Material Symbols
  • Decoding Window and Door Abbreviation and Measurements
  • How to Read a Cabinet Detail
  • What to Look For During Plan Review

Seminar Notes:

Click on the blue dots in the video play bar to jump to the next section.

  • Welcome & Introductions [00:47]
  • Viewer Welcomes [4:13]
  • How to Read a Floor Plan [07:51]
  • Copyright Notice [08:11]
  • Online Plans & What We Show [09:50]
  • Exterior Wall Symbols [11:07]
  • Porch Post Symbols [12:28]
  • Work Copies - Detailed Plans in Design Center [13:26]
  • Charts on the Work Copies [15:24]
  • Electrical Symbols on Your Floor Plan [19:17]
  • Decoding Window Language [21:22]
  • Decoding Door Language [24:55]
  • Decoding the Cabinetry Details [27:18]
  • Viewer Questions [30:09]
  • Looking at an Actual Customer Work Copy [34:28]
  • Plans Used for Customer Approval - A6 File Copy [40:53]
  • Looking at an Actual Customer's A6 [42:53]
  • Viewer Questions [52:58]
  • Your Final Plans - the K1 [58:04]
  • Looking at an Actual Customer K1 [59:31]
  • Viewer Questions [01:08:07]
  • Wrap Up & Goodbyes [01:26:31]
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