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Sep 27, 2022

Tilson Live! Ask Us Anything About Building On Your Land - September 27, 2022

Build On Your Land, Live Seminars

This episode of Tilson Live! is all about you! We answer all of our viewers' questions about building on their land in Texas. Eric and Dawn are joined by special guest, Justin Ordeneaux, SVP of Construction for Tilson Homes. We cover all your questions about financing, the building process, and more. 

Seminar Notes:

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  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:50 Welcome & Introductions
  • 03:45 Re-introducing Justin Ordeneaux
  • 05:32 Viewer Welcomes
  • 06:50 What options are available for lots with a slope?
  • 12:45 What is the process before the foundation pour?
  • 16:54 How and when should we add gutters?
  • 19:30 Who is the best person to work with to get started?
  • 20:28 How do we make sure the foundation is level?
  • 21:51 How does the financing work?
  • 29:37 When do our warranties start?
  • 30:14 Should I water my slab after it is poured?
  • 33:39 Does Tilson offer any incentives on their homes?
  • 38:27 When do we talk about flatwork design?
  • 44:02 Can I work on land prep paperwork items from out of state?
  • 47:10 When do we get sent to the title company?
  • 48:38 What's the average cost for adding garage space?
  • 51:32 What is the ballpark time until foundation pour?
  • 53:19 What happens after countertops and tile go in?
  • 56:53 Is the cost of concrete coming down?
  • 01:00:44 When do we put in propane?
  • 01:02:19 Update on the Waco models
  • 01:02:55 Construction timeline from foundation to finish
  • 01:04:37 Wrap Ups & Goodbyes

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