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Nov 28, 2023

Tilson Live! Ask Us Anything About Building on Your Land - November 28, 2023

Build On Your Land, Live Seminars

Are you planning to build your dream home on your land in Texas? Look no further because Tilson Homes is here to help! This Build On Your Lot seminar features the answers to many commonly asked questions such as what our building process looks like and how what changes can be made to our plans.

Seminar Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:49 Welcome and Introductions
  • 03:39 Topic Introduction
  • 05:44 Viewer Welcomes
  • 08:10 How many changes can be made to Tilson's plan?
  • 13:00 Do you have to have your land paid off to build?
  • 15:26 How can we know what will work with our topography?
  • 17:13 What is the process of building?
  • 24:25 Can we design an outdoor kitchen with Tilson?
  • 28:30 Can we get the dryer vented to the side of the house?
  • 33:24 Tilson Updates
  • 34:19 If water lines run in the attic, where do the drain lines run?
  • 39:06 Can you tap into any of the drains after the slab is poured? 
  • 39:48 Can we move the garage to a different place? 
  • 43:42 Does Tilson build in West Texas?
  • 45:59 Can we do a pass through fireplaces?
  • 50:19 Upcoming Events
  • 52:58 Important note about appointments during the holidays
  • 53:50 When do we recieve our final plans?
  • 54:46 What is the install order for kitchen and bathrooms
  • 56:00 Wrap ups and goodbyes

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