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Nov 16, 2020

Build on Your Land with Tilson Homes

Build On Your Land, Tilson News

Watch this Video from Eric Alarid, Senior Vice President and 4th Generation Member of the Tilson family, to learn more about what makes Tilson different from other custom builders.

Why We Choose To Build on Your Land

A lot of people want to know why we would choose to go build custom homes on someone else's land. It's because we fundamentally believe in the independent Texas spirit, that there's something inside of each and every one of us longing for an attachment not just to our home, but an actual emotional attachment to the land. We believe in that and we live the same lifestyle.

Tilson's Beginnings

Our company had a pretty humble start. We started in 1932, which was not a great time in our country's history. It was really the height of the Great Depression. It was really rough. But the Tilson brothers, Jack and Horace, decided they would start building homes instead of wood oil derricks. We got started with humble means, just building a few houses. Over the last 88 years, we've built tens of thousands of homes all across the Lone Star State, and only in the Lone Star State.

On Your Land In Texas Means Being Flexible

We do one thing, and one thing really well. We build custom homes on people's land all over Texas. We've only ever operated in Texas. And culturally, it's a great fit. People in Texas think very differently than people in other states. They're very independently minded and have a very pioneering spirit. They don't like to be told what to do. For that reason, we offer all kinds of customizations for the floor plans, so that our customers can fulfill that vision and that lifestyle of country life on their land.

Naturally, our customers, since it is their land, can build whatever they want with whoever they want. So first and foremost, we're honored that they're even considering us. We make sure that we offer them all the customization they're going to need to turn their dream into reality. There's almost no limit to the customization that Tilson will do, as long as it makes sense and is going to benefit the customer. So if you see a kitchen in one home, but you like the floor plan of another, and you'd like to see those features, we can do that. If you see the elevation of one home that's different from the floor plan that you like, we can make that happen as well. But we want to do so in a reasonable way that's affordable for the customer and is going to work long-term. At the end of the day, it's their dream, and we embrace it.

Construction Financing Like No Other

The most unique thing about us is our financing. Custom homes are traditionally built with a construction loan. Now, what's different about Tilson is, we don't require any type of construction loan, interim financing, or a draw schedule if you're financing your home. Tilson builds your home from 0% to 100% completely finished out of our own back pocket. What that means is, you're going to save a significant amount of money on various fees, closing costs or the construction loan, payments while the home is under construction, or interest that's occurring while the home was under construction. All of that money can either be saved or you can use toward options and upgrades that you maybe wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

In-House Warranty Department

Another advantage that Tilson offers over other builders is an in-house warranty department. Because we're based and headquartered in Texas, our warranty department is also headquartered in Texas. So if something happens with your Tilson home, you're going to call a Tilson employee. We're going to answer the phone, and we're going to send a Tilson employee in a Tilson vehicle to fix your Tilson home. It won't be a third party contractor we haven't met.

Building with Tilson

So if you have land, and you think about building a home in Texas, we'd love you to consider Tilson Homes. Look through our floor plans to find one that works for you and your family. You can even see starting pricing on our site. We also invite you to visit any of our 11 design centers all over the state. They all have model homes that you can tour. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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