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Mar 15, 2024

Seeing the Stars from Home: The Foreman Family Home Tour

Home Tour

The Foreman family wanted a home that blended a classic Farmhouse style with modern comfort and functionality while taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings where it sits. The custom Canyon C in Walker County certainly succeeds. Watch their home tour to see how they built a custom home designed for the land on which it's built.

The home's exterior immediately commands attention, standing in the middle of a 28-acre hayfield. The Foremans had a clear vision—they wanted their home to echo the timeless charm of a farmhouse. They achieved this by opting for a pristine white exterior, complemented by dark, contrasting cedar shutters and a black shingle roof. The rich wood stain selected for the shutters adds depth and character against the white, creating a welcoming feeling to the home.

Stepping inside, the first thing that greets you is the expansive kitchen. The kitchen offers ample seating and workspaces, allowing the Foremans to host large gatherings, including family Thanksgivings. A central feature is the large island, an ideal spot for family members to congregate and participate in meal preparation. There's enough room for everyone - from grandma chopping ingredients for stuffing to others washing hands or prepping other parts of the meal. One of the standout features of the kitchen is the double oven. While only used a few times a year, it proves invaluable during holidays and large gatherings. The microwave was moved to the space between the fridge and the bathroom. The relocation makes the kitchen more efficient and contributes to a cohesive cooking area where everything needed is within reach.

A grand cathedral ceiling in the living room enhances the openness between the kitchen and the living room, creating a seamless flow. The family room's brick-surrounded gas fireplace injects a dose of coziness and charm, matched by the room's neutral palette. The study, bathed in natural light, maintains its privacy with glass doors and also provides stunning views of the property. 

The master bedroom's windows invite the night sky indoors and include a door leading to the patio, simplifying nighttime outings for the family dogs. The master bathroom, inspired by the Canyon model home, features floor-to-ceiling tiles that accentuate the ceiling height and cabinets which include an integrated hamper for convenience. 

The outdoor patio balances shade and sunlight perfectly and is equipped for entertainment with outdoor TV and party light connections. 

Every aspect of the Forman family's Canyon C home is a tailored expression of their preferences, seamlessly blending the essence of farmhouse appeal with contemporary functionality - a homestead they are proud to call their own. If you're looking to fulfill your own dream of building a home on your land that is ideally suited to your lifestyle, then Tilson Homes is the right choice. Contact us today to explore your options and begin the journey toward your dream home!

Color Selections Shown in this Home


  • Brick: Silver Thorne
  • Siding: SW7004 Snowbound
  • Trim: SW7004 Snowbound
  • Wood Stain: SW3518 Hawthorne
  • Roofing: Onyx Black
  • Front Door: Jacobean


  • Walls/Ceiling: SW7004 Snowbound
  • Trim: SW7004 Snowbound
  • Wood Stain: SW3518 Hawthorne
  • Floors: 7084 Bamboo
  • Utility Floors: Memoir ME21 Petal Black


  • Cabinet Door Style: Groveland Flat Panel
  • Cabinet Color: Summer Wheat
  • Countertops: Morning Frost Quartz
  • Backsplash: Mythology MY90 Santorini

Master Bathroom

  • Cabinet Door Style: Groveland Flat Panel
  • Cabinet Color: Summer Wheat
  • Countertops: Morning Frost Quartz
  • Shower Wall Tile: Florentine FL06 Carrara
  • Shower Floor Tile: K711 Matte Black (CWM-G2)
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