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Apr 1, 2021

Meet Our Customers: Nessa R.

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“My husband and I had so many emotions. We would come here daily and just look at each other and say, oh, my gosh, can you believe we're doing this? Oh, my gosh. It's really happening. It's happening. We're going to get our dream house.” 

Nessa and David raised their family in a traditional neighborhood in a used home. They, and their three kids, lived so close to the home beside them that they could nearly reach out and touch it. After a while, they finally decided that this wasn’t how they wanted to live their lives. 

“That was not us. We want to be able to just stay outside, let the dogs run. We love to get on the Kubota and just ride the land. We shoot our guns out here in the creek. I mean, it's just-- this is us.”

The two made the decision to move on to their family’s land and build their dream home. They worked with design consultant Eric McKiernan and were very happy with the level of helpfulness and communication throughout the entire process. 

“When the house was being built, we didn't even have to talk to Eric. He would call and check on us to see how things were going.”

Now that their home is complete, Nessa and David are pleased to be able to celebrate holidays with their family. 

“We got in right before Thanksgiving, and we celebrated Thanksgiving here. We celebrated Christmas here. All the family came here to our house, and it's just been nonstop of excitement for us, showing it off and sitting around, looking around. This is really our house.”

“I would definitely recommend Tilson. I've already recommended Tilson. They're just easy to deal with. There's no hassle. They're fast, but the quality is still there. It's just a great experience all around.”

Thank you, Nessa and David, for trusting us with your dream home!

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