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Dec 15, 2020

Meet Our Customers: Cassidy and Chris B.

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When Chris and Cassidy began their homebuilder search, they wanted a company they could trust with their land and their dream. Their land, located in Colorado County, has been in Cassidy’s family since the early 1900’s.  

“I was born and raised here, and I lived here for 13 years, and when we moved to El Campo I would come back and spend summers with my grandparents. I’d work on the field with them, feed the cows, water the land so it's always been a special place to me always doing it to be back here. When I met Chris, we both knew we wanted to be in the country, so it was just perfect for us to come back here.”  -Cassidy B. 

It was important to Cassidy and Chris to build their home out in the country on their land. They had lived the city life before and wanted to escape the hustle and bustle and noise. 

Their close friends had recommended Tilson and, after walking through their Tilson home and learning about the process, Chris and Cassidy reached out to our design center in Katy. Their design consultant, Eric, walked them through the steps. He helped them take their ideas and turn them into reality right on their own land. 

They also enjoyed how easy Eric made the whole process, keeping it as calm and relaxing as possible.

“We would come up with some crazy idea and Eric would be like ‘yeah we can probably figure that out,’ and they're willing to work with you and that’s what was really cool about that customer relationship with them.” -Chris B. 

Thank you so much Cassidy and Chris for entrusting us with your dreams and allowing us to build your forever home. 

“Without a doubt, if we had to build another home, which we're never going to do, we would go back to Tilson.” Chris B. 

To hear their full story, watch the video below. 

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