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Apr 25, 2020

Choosing the Right Custom Builder

Build On Your Land, Construction Practices, Live Seminars

In this seminar, Eric Alarid discusses what you need to know when choosing your custom home builder. From quality materials to experience and trust, Eric goes in-depth on several topics regarding custom home construction. 

What We Cover:

  • What you need to know when choosing a custom builder.
  • Tilson’s integrity and experience.
  • Why price per square foot isn’t the best tool to measure the price of a home. 
  • How we build an energy-efficient home.
  • How Tilson ensures quality construction and materials. 

Seminar Notes:

  • Tilson’s trust and integrity [4:47]
  • Reputation and experience [6:42]
  • Pause for questions [10:28]
  • Why we don’t use price per square foot [17:18]
  • Contract pricing methods [20:53]
  • Tilson’s EasyBuy Program vs. Construction Loan Programs [23:08]
  • Pause for questions [26:36]
  • Home designs and flexibility [29:52]
  • Construction and materials [31:11]
  • Pause for questions [37:47]
  • Energy efficiency [45:37]
  •  3rd party inspections and warranties [51:09]
  • Closing questions [55:23]
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