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Jul 23, 2020

Build On Your Lot Frequently Asked Questions Pt. 2

Build On Your Land, Construction Practices, Finance, Live Seminars

Frequently Asked Questions, take 2 -- Eric and Dawn discuss more of your most frequently asked questions about building with Tilson. Plus, they answer your questions live.

What We Cover:

  • The Tilson Homes Process
  • Determining how much you can alter a plan
  • Bringing in plans from other companies
  • Discussion on appraisals
  • Advice on buying property
  • Multiple question/answer sessions

Seminar Notes:

  • What is our process? [2:27]
  • Pause for questions [8:35]
  • How much can you change our floor plans? [21:07]
  • Can you build a floor plan from another company? [24:14]
  • Pause for questions [27:37]
  • Who pays for the appraisal? What happens if it comes back low? [48:12]
  • Do you have to sell your current home before building? [50:00]
  • Pause for questions [51:00]
  • What should you look for when buying property? [1:00:10]
  • Closing questions [1:05:25]
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