Tilson Homes Roofing Materials and Process

Roofing Materials and Process

Roof Decking and Underlayment

The roofing system used at Tilson Homes begins with a 7/16 inch OSB decking. This decking is covered with Owens Corning™ RhinoRoof Liner®. We use RhinoRoof liner instead of felt for many reasons. Unlike felt, RhinoRoof Liner can last on the roof without shingles for up to 60 days. It is also twelve times stronger than felt and has a 20-year warranty. Lastly, it is not an asphalt-based which makes it much more sustainable.


Our included shingles are the Owens Corning Oakridge shingle, which has a limited lifetime warranty. They are an architectural dimensional shingle, which simply means that they have a three-dimensional look when they're on top of the roof. The shingles also have a 110-mile-an-hour wind rating. Our shingles are offered in several colors so you can pick something that suits the other exterior colors on your home.

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