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Mar 21, 2023

TilsonLive! Ask Us Anything About Building On Your Land - March 21, 2023

Live Seminars

Don't miss out on this week's episode of Tilson Live! This week's episode was a “Ask Us Anything” session hosted by Eric Alarid, Senior Vice President and 4th Generation Member of the Tilson family, and Dawn Dantzler, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience.

Tune in to hear wisdom from our experienced hosts as they field questions from viewers. They will discuss things like the typical price of foundation and what additional charges you can expect to pay outside of the home. Tilson Homes have been providing expert rural home-building services since 1932, so you can trust that you'll get sound advice.

Seminar Notes:

  •  00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:52 Welcome & Introductions
  • 06:04 Viewer Welcomes
  • 07:01 Estimating the price of a land cut
  • 09:53 Can you use the cut material to raise the pad?
  • 11:47 High-level overview of the process.
  • 14:22 Viewer Comments
  • 15:27 Does Tilson prefer to do the pad sites? 
  • 20:35 Can we choose our own interior design?
  • 23:34 Why do we pour slabs at 3 am?
  • 25:10 What does Tilson’s warranty look like?
  • 29:46 Can we combine plans?
  • 31:16 How does it work to do a knockdown and rebuild? 
  • 34:24 Estimate on the square footage of concrete?
  • 36:32 Septic install price in Bell county.
  • 38:23 Roughly how much more is pier and beam?
  • 39:25 Is there credit for not adding a theatre to the bonus?
  • 40:19 What are the extra charges aside from the home?
  • 44:42 What is the current build time in Somerset?
  • 45:49 Are there any new plans coming out soon?
  • 49:12 Where to find information on the Casita.
  • 49:57 Are any plans getting retired soon?
  • 50:34 Video walk-through of the Palo Duro?
  • 51:17 Explaining the window measurements on the plans.
  • 54:01 Last call for questions
  • 54:35 Update on Waco and San Marcos models.
  • 57:13 Wrap up & Goodbyes

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