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Sep 13, 2022

Tilson Live: The Magnolia Model in Katy - September 13, 2022

Live Seminars, Model Homes

Eric and Dawn will discuss everything you need to know about Tilson's Magnolia floor plan. They'll take you on a tour of the model located in Katy and talk about the pre-designed customization options available. They'll also show some of their favorite Magnolias built by our customers. You're sure to find inspiration for your new home. Plus, we'll answer all your build on your land questions.

What We Cover:

  • Magnolia Model Details
  • Video Tour of the Magnolia Model in Katy
  • Exterior Elevations Changes from Our Customers
  • Interior Customizations Made By Our Customers
  • Pre-designed Custom Options for the Magnolia

Seminar Notes:

Click on the blue dots in the video play bar to jump to the next section.

  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:52 Welcome & Introductions
  • 04:13 Viewer Welcomes & Questions
  • 05:48 The Magnolia Model in Katy, Texas
  • 08:14 Exterior and Family Room
  • 11:38 Viewer Questions & Comments
  • 16:12 Kitchen, Dining Area & Flex Room - Model & Customer Changes
  • 25:58 Master Suite - Model & Customer Changes
  • 30:40 Viewer Comments & Questions
  • 34:53 Other Bedrooms, Study & Utility Room
  • 38:24 Pre-Designed Custom Options
  • 40:43 Viewer Comments & Questions
  • 44:25 Design Details of the Magnolia Model
  • 46:30 Viewer Comments & Questions
  • 53:32 Wrap Ups & Goodbyes

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