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Feb 22, 2022

Tilson Live Episode 90: Ninety Years of Building Memories

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Today marks a very special episode of Tilson Live. Not only is it our 90th episode, but we're also celebrating our 90th year! In order to commemorate this milestone, we're joined by members of the Tilson family who will share their favorite memories and what inspired them to lead today's company. It's been an incredible journey, and we're so grateful to have all of you with us along the way. 

What We Cover

  • Introductions to the Tilson family members currently working at Tilson Homes
  • Favorite memories growing up with Tilson Homes
  • Viewer Tilson trivia with prizes

Event Notes

  • Special Introduction Rap From Kelsie & Payton [00:02]
  • Introduction to the Tilson Family Members [01:15]
  • Brandon Martin, Chief Financial Officer [02:55]
  • Chris Alarid, Senior Vice President [04:23]
  • Eddie Martin, President and CEO [05:44]
  • Viewer Greetings & Questions [07:54]
  • Family Memories from Growing Up With Tilson Homes [19:23]
  • Eric: Daddy Jack, and a Septic Tank [20:19]
  • Eddie: Meeting Jack Alarid [22:54]
  • Chris: Renovating the Dock and Building A Barn [27:22]
  • Brandon: Extended the Barn [29:19]
  • Viewer Questions [33:34]
  • What Is Your Favorite Model? [40:54]
  • Tilson Trivia Time! [46:30]
  • Dawn's Thoughts on Working at Tilson [54:03]
  • Thank You To Our Customers [56:57]
  • Wrap Up & Goodbyes [01:02:12]
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