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Nov 23, 2021

Tilson Live! Design Options That Make a Big Impact In Your New Home

Custom Homes, Designing Your Home, Live Seminars

This week, Eric and Dawn are joined by Mikaela Rios from Imagine Gurus, an interior designer who works with our customers to pick out the design options for their custom homes. They talk about the different options available for home finished and answer viewer questions about designing your new home. Mikaela also shares her top tips for making the most impact on your home without spending a lot of money on upgrades. 

What We Cover

  • What to expect at your color appointment
  • Top tips for choosing the interior features of your home
  • What options get you the most impact for the least cost?
  • Viewer questions about the Tilson process and designing your new home

NOTE: This episode was recorded on November 23, 2021. All options shown and pricing discussed were accurate at the time but may have changed.

Seminar Notes

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  • Welcome Mikaela! [01:07]
  • Viewer Greeting and Questions [05:36]
  • Kitchen Backsplashes [10:42]
  • Shower Floor Tile [12:57]
  • Door Hardware [15:32]
  • Cabinet Knobs [17:37]
  • Cabinet Pulls [20:00]
  • Viewer Questions [22:07]
  • Overview of the Tilson Color Appointment [22:24]
  • Stained Concrete Questions [25:58]
  • Additional Viewer Questions [30:57]
  • Exterior Front Doors [43:00]
  • Carpet Pads [45:36]
  • Level 2 Trim [47:12]
  • Accent Walls [48:46]
  • Level 2 Luxury Vinyl Plank [52:48]
  • Countertops [56:01]
  • Viewer Questions [01:00:39]
  • Wrap Up and Goodbyes [01:05:58]
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