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Apr 18, 2023

Tilson Live! Building on Your Land FAQs - April 18, 2023

Build On Your Land, Live Seminars

On this week's Tilson Live, Dawn and Eric answered viewers' commonly asked questions about building on your lot. They spent over an hour going through questions like if we can start construction before utilities are running to how much flexibility you have when building on your land. They shared valuable insights and tips to help you make the most of your new home! 

Seminar Notes:

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  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:49 Welcome & Introductions
  • 02:18 Topic Introduction
  • 03:35 Viewer Welcomes
  • 04:24 What states does Tilson build in?
  • 04:35 Do you give advice on septic and well?
  • 05:08 Approximately how long does it take to build?
  • 05:39 Water well do's and dont’s near Floresville?
  • 07:31 Is it better to find a property with an old well?
  • 10:35 Can I build before utilities are running?
  • 15:07 How long is the build time in Shiner, Texas? 
  • 17:48 What types of homes does Tilson build?
  • 18:29 I don't want gas or propane. Any other options?
  • 21:20 What are the advantages of a tankless water heater?
  • 26:02 How close does the concrete truck have to be to the slab?
  • 27:55 Any info on Oak Wilt? Can you prevent it?
  • 30:45 Do the water softener loop have a drain…? 
  • 31:52 How much flexibility do I have building on my land?
  • 36:27 Time frame to build in Lake Ford, Wood County?
  • 38:14 What plan would you suggest for a family of 7?
  • 39:45 Can we build on land that has another structure?
  • 43:41 Do you have floor plans I can look at?
  • 44:16 Website Tutorial: Floor Plan Search
  • 46:42 Do you build barn homes?
  • 47:34 Do you work with USDA funding?
  • 48:57 Are cement driveways included with a build?
  • 49:50 Wat Do you make basements under the foundation?
  • 49:59 What is the process to purchase extra cabinets?
  • 51:15 Can you provide an estimate of construction time?
  • 53:10 What warranties does Tilson provide?
  • 55:50 Thoughts on smart steel instead of wood?
  • 57:26 After construction is there a final cleaning?
  • 59:46 Are there any concerns about building in Brown County?
  • 01:00:06 Are you similar to UBH?
  • 01:01:42 Can I extend my patio after construction?
  • 01:02:20 What are the first steps toward building?
  • 01:02:56 Spray insulation vs. conventional?
  • 01:09:50 Do y’all do metal roofs?
  • 01:11:28 What determines if you qualify for EasyBuy?
  • 01:13:44 How do I determine the needed size of the surge protector?
  • 01:14:14 How much does the elevation make the price vary?
  • 01:15:57 Wrap-Ups and Goodbyes 

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