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Feb 28, 2023

Tilson Live! Build Your Home with No Construction Loan - February 28, 2023

Finance, Live Seminars

 Are you interested in building the home of your dreams but have questions about financing? Dawn and Eric are here to help! In this video, they'll discuss our exclusive EasyBuy program which can save you thousands of dollars in interest and fees compared to traditional construction loans. Gain a better understanding of why our program stands out by learning how we do things differently from other builders. 

Seminar Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:49 Welcome and Introductions
  • 03:36 Intrest Rate Discussion
  • 06:38 Viewer Welcomes
  • 08:52 EasyBuy Presentation Begins
  • 09:06 What is a construction loan?
  • 12:04 So, What Does Tilson Do?
  • 13:45 What’s That Mean For Me?
  • 16:45 Let's do the math to start
  • 19:28 Calculating Intrest on a Construction Loan
  • 22:30 Comparing EasyBuy To A Construction Loan
  • 23:31 Viewer Questions Begin
  • 25:42 Land Equity Example
  • 28:37 Customer Questions/Comments
  • 29:04 How does my location affect my appraisal?
  • 31:51 Does your program allow for conventional/USDA?
  • 33:35 Credit Score?
  • 39:19 Does Tilson build wood-burning fireplaces?
  • 42:00 Does Tilson have to complete the whole house?
  • 44:08 Update on the Waco models
  • 44:38 Update on Palo Duro in San Marcos
  • 44:16 Build Timeframes
  • 47:01 Intrest Rate Discussion
  • 48:35 Last Call For Questions
  • 50:26 Wrap-Ups & Goodbyes

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