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Mar 22, 2022

Tilson Live: Ask Us Anything About Building on Your Land

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This week on Tilson Live, we're answering viewer questions about building on your land in Texas. We'll cover everything from building timeframes and financing to designing your custom home and preparing your land. So if you're thinking about building on your land in Texas, be sure to tune in!

What We Cover:

  • Building TImeframes
  • Custom Changes to Your Home
  • Supply Chain Challenges
  • Utility Connections and Costs
  • Viewer Q&A

Seminar Notes:

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  • Welcome & Intros [00:44]
  • Viewer Greetings [3:37]
  • What are the next steps after signing final plans? [5:00]
  • What are hard points in a foundation? [7:00]
  • Can you put a cathedral porch on a San Jacinto? [7:58]
  • Who checks our credit and when? [9:28]
  • Can you pour extra driveway outside the garage? [10:18]
  • How are we handling out of stock items? [11:34]
  • Why construction will pause while waiting on final power [13:41]
  • Can you make the Rockwall bonus space one room? [16:29]
  • Tentative building time for Canyon Lake in Comal [18:28]
  • Are additional utility lines rolled into the loan? [19:12]
  • Can Tilson pour the foundation for a workshop? [19:48]
  • Building timeframes in Medina County [20:43]
  • Do cash buyers need a final home appraisal? [22:18]
  • What happens while we wait for our building slot? [22:56]
  • Can we leave woods in front of our home? [25:21]
  • Who applies for the building permit? [26:32]
  • Changing the ceiling heights on a plan [26:57]
  • Building time in San Jacinto County and garage prices [27:19]
  • Building times in Lampasas County [30:41]
  • Do base prices include appliances? [32:53]
  • At what stage is the garage door installed? [33:55]
  • What is the cost per foot for additional power line? [36:34]
  • Can you do two bedrooms upstairs in the Rockwall? [37:35]
  • When do we apply for ACC approval? [38:32]
  • Do we have to sell our current home to build? [40:28]
  • What is the average cost to add a garage? [42:20]
  • Is there a set time we have to begin building before we lose our deposit? [43:19]
  • How much of a deposit is needed? [46:30]
  • Problem land - are there lots you can't build on? [46:38]
  • What is the timeline after putting the roof on? [49:21]
  • Can we make large payments during construction? [50:32]
  • Will Tilson build a tool shed? [51:45]
  • Any programs or perks for military vets? [52:42]
  • What is the process for building a casita? [54:37]
  • Can I make changes once I'm in the estimating phase? [55:03]
  • How long from sheetrock to finish? [55:36]
  • When should we start doing external landscaping? [55:57]
  • How do customers handle well houses? [58:01]
  • Can Tilson build a garage after closing? [1:00:56]
  • Wrap Up & Goodbyes [1:01:18]
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