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Sep 19, 2023

Tilson Live! Ask Us Anything About Building On Your Land - September 19, 2023

Live Seminars

On this week's episode of Tilson Live, Eric Alarid is joined by Justin Ordeneaux, our SVP of Construction for an Ask Us Anything Session. This replay features questions from our viewers about how Tilson handles landscaping, different building procedures, and much more! 

Seminar Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:46 Welcomes and Introductions
  • 01:22 Re-introducing Justin Ordeneaux
  • 04:15 Justin Ordeneaux: Career Background
  • 07:37 Viewer Welcomes
  • 09:25 Question on Insulation Types
  • 12:10 Second-story floor joist question
  • 18:46 What type of insulation is used for metal roofs?
  • 21:41 Customer Review
  • 22:58 Is landscaping included in the home design process?
  • 26:48 Viewer Comments
  • 28:34 Do rooms always look smaller during framing?
  • 31:55 Is it more cost-effective to add a bonus room upstairs or on the main level?
  • 34:01 Building Timeframe
  • 42:32 It is better to have a thick foundation or a slab closer to the ground?
  • 48:00 Who do we talk to about landscaping in RGR?
  • 48:41 What information is needed for the initial meeting
  • 50:20 Once construction starts how long is it until completion?
  • 51:30 What is All Weather Access? Why is it important?
  • 55:55 Last call for questions
  • 57:25 Wrap-Ups and Goodbyes
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