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Feb 13, 2024

Tilson Live! Ask Us Anything About Building on Your Land - February 13, 2024

Build On Your Land, Live Seminars

Are you starting your building journey soon? This week on Tilson LIve, Dawn and Eric spent over an hour with their viewers answering all the commonly asked questions regarding building a home on your lot in Texas. From signing the contract to closing day, Tilson is here with you each step to ensure you feel well-informed and supported through your building journey! 

Seminar Notes

  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:48 Welcomes and Introduction 
  • 02:29 Topic Introduction
  • 05:26 Viewer Welcomes
  • 12:14 Are there any floor plans with wraparound porches?
  • 13:52 Is there credit offered for portions we handle?
  • 16:49 Does Tilson offer dual fireplaces? 
  • 18:25 Can I use my own floor plans?
  • 19:59 How much does out-of-level foundation change cost?
  • 22:13 Do I have to get my own architect?
  • 24:04 Can I use the foundation from a demoed home?
  • 24:58 Explanation of Texas Grand Ranch base PPS
  • 27:40 Benefits of using EasyBuy vs. paying fully cash
  • 29:08 Tilson interest rates
  • 31:25 Does Tilson do basements?
  • 32:38 Ballpark figure for driveway and flatwork
  • 33:00 Can I get a sanitary clean-out added outside?
  • 34:05 Closest model to Denton, Texas
  • 34:37 Is there a packet once in design to take home?
  • 35:50 What needs to be pre-done for a future pool?
  • 37:33 Do we need our own land?
  • 38:01 Are there more options that aren't at the design center?
  • 40:42 Are there areas where you can't build certain plans?
  • 43:00 Do I have to use one of the Tilson floor plans?
  • 47:35 What is the max distance for underground electrical?
  • 49:06 What is the average build time?
  • 50:28 Can Tilson do speaker hookups for surround sound?
  • 51:31 Does Tilson do fencing?
  • 52:30 Are upgrades included in the mortgage or do we pay upfront?
  • 55:24 Is there someone to help us pick the floor plan on our property?
  • 57:18 Is spray foam better for noise control?
  • 59:38 Does Tilson build in Livingston, Texas
  • 59:58 Can we design a floor plan from scratch?
  • 01:01:54 Does Tilson use open-cell or closed-cell foam?
  • 01:02:27 What is the benefit of keeping heat in?
  • 01:05:13 Wrap Up and Goodbye

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