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Jan 16, 2024

Tilson Live! Ask Us Anything About Building a New Home On Your Land - January 16, 2024

Build On Your Land, Live Seminars

On this week's episode of Tilson Live, we feature an "Ask Us Anything" session hosted by Eric Alarid, the Senior Vice President and fourth-generation member of the Tilson family, and Dawn Dantzler, the Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience. They answer all their viewer's questions and provide sound advice on building on your own land in Texas. With over 90 years of experience in rural home-building, Tilson Homes is the ideal partner to guide you through every step of the process.

Seminar Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro Video
  • 00:47 Welcomes and Introductions
  • 02:56 Topic Introduction
  • 05:15 Viewer Introductions
  • 05:30 Has there been any increase in materials?
  • 06:15 Underbrush Requirements 
  • 07:54 Who is the stone vendor?
  • 08:27 What are the outlet changes on kitchen islands? 
  • 12:16 Can different electrical companies have different rules?
  • 12:58 When will we have a Palo Duro video tour?
  • 14:10 Do I have to get the permit for a culvert? 
  • 15:18 What does Tilson do for a person wanting to build?
  • 18:07 What is the current timeline?
  • 18:52 Where is Tilson located?
  • 19:39 What is a culvert?
  • 21:59 Is there a date for a muddy boots of the Lone Star?
  • 22:55 Can I wrap my land loan into my home loan?
  • 25:44 What is the equity requirement for Tilsons EasyBuy?
  • 27:18 Why is the color appointment held before construction starts?
  • 28:55 Build on your lot timeline breakdown
  • 31:54 Can we have a pool put in at the same time?
  • 33:04 What happens at site evaluation?
  • 36:31 Do we have to sell our homes before?
  • 38:10 How many changes can I make to a stock plan?
  • 40:50 Can we add a sauna in the master bath?
  • 42:17 Do you allow custom islands vs a standard option?
  • 43:36 Can I use a VA loan?
  • 48:15 Can Tilson install owner-provided items?
  • 51:50 Upcoming Events
  • 53:50 Does Tilson offer tankless water heaters?
  • 56:25 Wrap Ups and Goodbyes
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