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Nov 9, 2020

SSGT Friesen And His Family's Note Of Love Ceremony

Operation Finally Home - Friesen Family, Tilson News

On Friday, October 30th, Staff Sergeant Shawn Friesen and his family enjoyed their Notes of Love Ceremony in their soon-to-be new home in League City. The framing was all set and friends and family were able to come into the home to share messages of hope and love. The doors to the home opened a few hours before the family arrived and notes quickly started going up all over the home. Family, friends, new neighbors, and supporters came and went throughout the day and the once barren sheetrock and lumber were soon filled with colorful notes and inspiring messages. From the garage to the upstairs restroom, not a single wall was left untouched. 

By the time the Friesen family arrived, they were greeted with an outpouring of love. Operation Finally Home had received personal notes from hundreds of people all over the country. Tilson Homes fans and employees sent their notes in as well.  As the family walked through the halls of their new home, feelings of hope and positivity filled the rooms and halls. The excitement and emotion weren't just for the notes on the wall, though. This was the first time they had walked through the home since the sheetrock and framing were complete. They were able to see their new home coming to life. Rooms had emerged and cabinet locations were drawn on the ground. What was once just a plan drawn on paper had turned in to a home they could see and feel. 

The notes and messages ranged from simple well-wishes to religious scriptures. Some read powerful quotes from the military while others shared blessings and positivity. These notes will remain within the walls of the home for as long as the walls still stand. The Friesen family will forever know that they are surrounded by love and friendship. 

This special day, made possible by Operation Finally Home, was one that everyone who participated will remember. We here at Tilson are forever grateful for the opportunity to be involved in this event and even more grateful for the sacrifices made by the entire Friesen family. 

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