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Jan 26, 2021

Learn About Building on Your Own Land

Build On Your Land, Live Seminars

Eric and Dawn talk you through the basics of building a custom home on your new land. Learn about building on your land and how it's different from building in a community. We also share important tips about choosing land, researching title, and financing options. 

What We Cover:

  • Dawn and Eric cover topics related to building on your land
  • Topics include defining your budget, customizing your floor plan, and financing
  • Dawn and Eric also field questions throughout the seminar

Seminar Notes:

  • Defining your budget [11:05]
  • Planning your home [12:56]
  • Pause for questions [17:45]
  • Making your home yours [29:25]
  • Pause for questions [35:05]
  • Stone, brick, and siding [48:26]
  • Property location [50:48]
  • What to consider when choosing your builder [53:57]
  • Price per square foot [56:48]
  • Contract pricing methods [1:00:51]
  • Construction loan vs Tilson’s EasyBuy program [1:03:24]
  • Preparing for construction [1:07:50]
  • Closing questions [1:08:20]
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