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Jan 21, 2021

Kitchen Island Design Options

Your kitchen is arguably the most important focal aspect of the interior of your home. It’s where you cook all your meals, so you need it to be practical and useful with enough space to prepare food and make dinner. It’s also where family and friends gather in your home, so you want it to be both beautiful and comfortable. That’s what makes it different than any other room in your home. 

So what can you do to add both beauty and practicality into your plans for your new kitchen? You could start with one of Tilson’s wonderful kitchen island options. With dozens of styles available, you can surely find the perfect one to act as the hub of your kitchen. 

The Driftwood

If you’re looking for both aesthetics and practicality, an island with a sink and dishwasher may be best for your kitchen. This island below can be found in our Driftwood model in Georgetown and features a centered sink on one side and an 8’6” bar-top space for eating and entertaining on the other.

The Rockwall

Similar to the Driftwood’s, but about a foot and a half longer, is the Rockwall’s. At 10 feet in length, this island features a central sink and room for four stools. 

The Wimberley

Another island we offer that comes equipped with a central sink is that of the Wimberley model. This 8’6” island includes built in shelving along the sides, adding a great deal of storage space in a practical yet elegant design. 

The Breckenridge

Another popular island choice is that of the one seen in the Breckenridge model. This one differs from the others above due to its beautiful corner designs and stone finish on the side. 

The Shiloh

If you’ve already decided on keeping your kitchen sink on your counter top, you may enjoy a few of our other island designs. The island in the Shiloh model comes with both built-in cabinetry and shelving, maximizing storage space while maintaining a sleek 4’9” by 3’3” design.  

The San Jacinto

Another popular option is the island in the San Jacinto model. This island features a long, slim design which may fit better in your particular kitchen than many of the larger designs with sinks. This island, at 2’ wide by 7’6” long, features the same great cabinetry that Tilson offers, along with a set of stylish slide-out baskets in the center.

The Canyon

Straying away from 90 degree angles and straight edges, we have several island designs to choose from that feature curved counters or elevated bar tops, like this island in a custom Canyon we completed in Guadalupe County. Here, the customers chose to elevate the counters to add that bar top feel that’s perfect for entertaining guests or grabbing a quick bite to eat before leaving for the day. 

The Parker

The island in the Parker model also offers a curved design with a raised bar top, though it does not feature a sink in the middle. 

The Abilene

Do you love to entertain and gather with family and friends? The Abilene Optional Island allows for wrap-around seating on the end and one side of the island with plenty of knee space underneath. 

In every home we build, we include granite or quartz to ensure each customer has both beautiful and durable kitchen surfaces. With numerous color options to choose from, and fantastic Kent Moore cabinetry, your island can be the true focal point of your Tilson home. 

You can view more kitchen photos on our website, or learn more about included features we implement in every home we build. 

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