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Feb 16, 2021

Construction Process and Practices With Justin Ordeneaux

Construction Practices, Live Seminars

Justin Ordeneaux, SVP Construction, joins Eric and Dawn to present the entire construction process from site preparation to final walk-through and discuss all the materials used by Tilson Homes during construction. We also answer questions live throughout the seminar.

What We Cover:

  • Eric and Justin discuss Tilson’s construction process and practices
  • They walk through the construction steps and what’s happening behind the scenes
  • They also answer questions throughout the seminar

Seminar Notes:

  • Utilities [8:02]
  • Pause for questions [14:45]
  • Site evaluation/stakeout [21:50]
  • Site access [25:20]
  • Site clearing [26:53]
  • Groundwork [29:25]
  • Foundation introduction [30:29]
  • Information on your soil [31:16]
  • Pause for questions [36:50]
  • Designing and pouring your foundation [56:24]
  • Framing [1:06:47]
  • House wrap and roof deck [1:08:30]
  • Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical rough [1:09:25]
  • Insulation [1:12:19]
  • Sheetrock process [1:14:39]
  • Interior finishes [1:16:07]
  • Exterior finishes [1:18:20]
  • Final inspection [1:19:20]
  • Closing questions [1:24:00]
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