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Jul 8, 2020

Build On Your Lot Frequently Asked Questions

Build On Your Land, Construction Practices, Finance, Live Seminars

Eric and Dawn discuss some of our customers' most frequently asked questions about building with Tilson. Plus, they have a live Q&A to cover anything they missed.

What We Cover:

  • Why Tilson does not price homes per square foot.
  • Tilson’s EasyBuy Financing.
  • What site prep items are included in my cost?
  • How long it takes to build a Tilson Home.
  • General questions regarding land prep, financing, and construction.

Seminar Notes:

  • Discussion on price per square foot [1:30]
  • Pause for questions [10:04]
  • Will you build on pier and beam foundations? [10:25]
  • What is the price range shown on the website represent? [13:36]
  • Can you build a carport instead of a 2-car garage and what is the price difference? [15:20]
  • Is there a recommended required distance from the home to the septic system? [19:12]
  • Can you build a 2 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms? Which plans meet this need? [20:22]
  • What does my down payment go toward? [22:49]
  • What is EasyBuy and how is it different from a construction loan? [26:32]
  • What design features do you recommend for a home built in a hurricane-prone area? [34:03]
  • Do you have the prices online for the options available on each floor plan? [36:57]
  • Can you make structural changes to the exterior elevations of your homes? [38:03]
  • Which site prep items are included in the price of your homes? [39:02]
  • How would the process work to include a tornado shelter in my home? [42:00]
  • How long does it typically take from to finish to build my home? [43:42]
  • How often does a home appraise at the price of construction? [52:27]
  • Do you build balconies? [54:20]
  • What is the typical cost for an upstairs bonus room on a 1.5 story home? [55:16]
  • Can you help customers find land? [55:48]
  • Which plans include garages? [56:33]
  • Do I need an appointment to visit the design center? [57:41]
  • Can you install heat on-demand water heaters? [58:59]
  • How much per foot is extra electrical and water line to the home? [1:01:51]
  • Are all of your models built with base options or do some have upgrades built into them? [1:02:46]
  • How do we figure out the cost to build a floor plan if we want to make a few small changes to it? [1:03:47]
  • What is the process of getting a pool installed with a home build? [1:04:12]
  • Are you able to install a walk-in tub? [1:06:05]
  • How do we install a water softener for our well? [1:06:45]
  • Do we need to be qualified before Tilson will come out and look at our build site? [1:07:55]
  • How do we get a custom mirror installed in our bathrooms? [1:09:19]
  • How do you determine the land value for the down payment/appraisal? Who does the appraisal? [1:10:07]
  • What is the process to pay cash for my home instead of financing with a mortgage company? [1:11:14]
  • Should I work with the design center closest to where I live or closest to where I want to build? [1:12:39]
  • How does a short appraisal impact our equity position? [1:14:16]
  • How much is the cash discount? [1:17:05]
  • What happens if I lose my job prior to closing? [1:18:03]
  • Do you have a referral program for past customers? [1:20;41]
  • Clarification on building time frames and if it includes all pre-construction activities? [1:21:42]
  • Do you build detached garages? [1:22:00]
  • Do you have a veteran's program? [1:22:09]
  • How much equity do I need to begin building? [1:23:18]
  • What do we need to install water, electrical, and septic? When should we do these things? [1:24:41]
  • Are the Cypress and the Driftwood really the same plan? [1:25:43]
  • How much do we need to pay in taxes and insurance escrow at closing? [1:26:28]
  • Is a water softener needed for a water well system? [1:28:00]
  • Can you roll the land and home loan together? [1:29:16]
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