Tilson Homes Exterior and Interior Finishes

Exterior and Interior Finishes

At Tilson Homes, we go to great lengths to make sure that the final finishes you see in your home are memorable and high quality.

Painting Process

For painted materials, we've set up a program and an application method statewide to ensure quality, color consistent, application on every Tilson home. All of our homes are painted with high quality Sherwin Williams paint.


We use full-sized stone on our home exteriors as opposed to a thin veneer or manufactured material.  The stone comes from a quarry out to the job site. One thing we love about naturally occurring stoner is how you won't find any two stones that are alike. The somewhat unpredictable color patterns are part of its character. This is something to keep in mind when you're selecting your colors. The stone that arrives at your home will have some variation from the sample you see in the design centers.

We use Acme Brick across the state. These American-made bricks come with a 101-year warranty, so it's not anything you'll need to worry about in this lifetime. Often, we use brick and stone combinations on our exteriors which creates a nice color offset when you combine the two together.

Brick and stone are porous and will hold water when it rains. When you look at your home, you'll see little holes at the bottom of both the stone and the brick. These weep holes are there to allow the moisture on the outside of your homes to drain. The water will run down the polyethylene wrap and out through the weep holes.  You don't ever want to fill those holes as it will trap water in the space between the masonry and the Tyvek DrainWrap.

The Full James Hardie™ System

Where we're not putting brick, stone, or stucco on your home, we always use the complete James Hardie system. The siding itself, the corner boards, the soffit, the fascia, and the brick frieze are all Hardie products. By using all Hardie products on your home, you'll receive to the full 30-year warranty that James Hardie offers.

Kitchens Designed for Rural Living

Most of our customers are building in areas where they're not going to be close to a big box store where they can quickly pick up extra parts in case something goes wrong. For that reason, we go to great lengths to ensure that the products and fixtures that we're putting in the home are of the highest quality possible to fit that customer's needs. This is very evident in the kitchens we build. Rural families will get a lot of use out of their kitchen so we install high quality cabinetry that has full extension drawer glides. We also install solid surface countertops like granite or quartz in every home that are built to endure a lot of wear and tear. Lastly, every home has large, heavy duty kitchen sinks. All the plumbing fixtures we use are Grade A Delta plumbing fixtures that are very solid and have superiorinternal parts built to last a long time.

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