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Jan 22, 2021

Meet Our Customers: Mark and Sarah H.

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Mark and Sarah were looking to build a new home on their land in Louise, TX, and they were referred to Tilson by their friends who had built with us before. Mark had drawn home plans years before and Sarah was able to use our website to find one of our plans that was a close match to what they were looking for. 

They were happy with how easy it was to adjust the floor plan to match their needs. They had been on their land since the late 1970s and it was important to them that their home be exactly what they wanted.

“To customize the floor plan, it was very easy to do, just a matter of asking hey, look, what if I did this? What would it do? And Jerry was very helpful in explaining to us, if you decided you wanted a larger garage, this is what it would do to your overall square footage, and this is how we can help you accommodate that. Little things like that we did that customized it for us.” -Sarah H. 

They were also impressed with the ease of financing their home through Tilson’s EasyBuy program.

“Tilson's financing agreement is very easy to deal with, and it's great that you don't have to have a construction loan, because that's not extra interest you're paying. You're actually getting to use that money on your house, to put into your house. And so that part there is really-- it saves you a lot of money in doing that.” Sarah H. 

Thank you to Sarah and Mark for trusting us with your new home and becoming part of the Tilson Family.

“We would definitely refer anybody who's interested in doing a Tilson, or even anybody who's interested in building a new house, that they should definitely check out Tilson, because they are very customer service-oriented, and they are going to help you through the process and try to make everything that you want in your house come to life. And they're going to do it in a very timely manner.” Sarah H. 

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